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Useful information for spectators of the Opera at the Ancient Theater

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1. Tickets issued are valid only for the date indicated on them; therefore, the kind public is kindly requested to carefully check the tickets at the time of purchase. In case of non-use, they cannot be converted into tickets for another date.

2. In case of bad weather the show is never canceled before the scheduled start time.
If the weather conditions do not allow the smooth running of the show, the Società Cooperativa "Aiax"  reserves the right to postpone the start of the performance up to 120 minutes after the scheduled start time, before deciding and communicating the eventual cancellation of the show.


Tickets will be refunded only in case of cancellation of the show before its start.
In case of suspension of the show after its start, any right to a refund of the ticket will cease.

Click to download the Refund Form


Complete regulation of the rights of the viewer

The "Aiax" Cooperative Society reserves the right to make changes to the announced programming in terms of date, time and/or program that may be necessary. The purchase of the ticket presupposes the acceptance of these Regulations.


1. Tickets cannot be duplicated and are valid only for the date indicated on them. In case of loss or theft of the ticket:

• numbered seats, access is guaranteed by presenting the Ticket Office Management with a copy of the report addressed to the competent authorities or self-certification containing the exact data of the ticket;

• unnumbered seats, for access it is necessary to re-purchase the entrance ticket. In the event of non-use due to personal impediments, the ticket will not be convertible to another date, nor refundable.

2. Resale of tickets by unauthorized persons is prohibited.

3. The prices indicated on the tickets, and published on the programmesprices of the Aiax cooperative society are official sales prices, inclusive of the relative taxes and duties.

4. The Aiax cooperative society has the right to establish a maximum limit of tickets that can be purchased per person for each show.

5. Tickets and entrance cards must be kept for the entire duration of the show and shown to the Theater Staff upon request, for any checks. The spectator without a ticket will be escorted out of the theatre.

6. It is permitted to stay in the Ticket Office premises only for the time necessary for the operations of purchasing and collecting tickets.


II. Cancellation/suspension In case of bad weather

In case of bad weather, the show is never canceled before the scheduled start time. If the weather conditions do not allow for the regular performance of the show, the "Aiax" Cooperative Society can postpone the start time of the performance up to 150 minutes, before announcing any cancellation of the show. In case of suspension of the show after its start, any right to a refund of the ticket will cease. In the event of definitive suspension of the performance before the end of the first interval, spectators will have the right to purchase a ticket, of the same category as the ticket purchased, with a reduction of approximately 50% on the full price for another performance of the current Festival or of the next year's festival. In case of bad weather, or force majeure, any orchestral accompaniment can be replaced by the piano one.

III. Ticket refund procedure Refunds can be requested:

• Directly at the Box Office: Handing over the tickets to the box office of the "Aiax" Cooperative Society the day after the cancellation of the show, and for the following fifteen days, num. of tel. +39 3451874582 from 10.30 to 12.30;

• By post: By sending the refund request and attaching the original tickets to the Società Cooperativa "Aiax"  via Ticino n.32, 95027 San Gregorio di Catania; the request must reach the association within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of cancellation of the show. In any case, only the nominal sale price indicated on the ticket will be reimbursed for requests for reimbursement presented within the terms indicated above. Requests for reimbursement of tickets for performances canceled even after the above deadlines will be accepted, exclusively by post, provided that they are received by the "Aiax" Cooperative Society no later than 30 September of the year in which the Festival is held. In this case, the "Aiax" Cooperative Society will refund the ticket price, net of taxes and fees that have been charged to the tickets themselves. Refunds at the ticket office will be made in cash or in another payment system; in the event of a refund request for amounts exceeding € 2,999.99, the refund, pursuant to law no. 208 of 28/12/2015 art. 1 paragraph 898, can only take place by bank transfer. In the case of refund requests for amounts exceeding € 2,999.99, the applicant must deliver the "Refund request form" to the ticket office, which can be collected at the Ticket Office itself and completed with indication of personal details, address, telephone number , bank name and IBAN code or, for foreign transfers, SWIFT code, as well as a photocopy of a valid identity document. The refund transfer will be made once the refunds for which the use of cash is permitted have been completed.


IV. Access

1. Access to the stalls and numbered seats on the steps is prohibited once the performance has begun. Spectators in the stalls and numbered steps who arrive late, or who leave their seats during the performance, will be invited to wait in the foyer or in the sector of the unnumbered steps for the first useful interval to be able to occupy their assigned seats.

2. Admission with a reduced ticket is subject to the presentation of a document certifying the right to the reduction.

3. Access to children under the age of four is not permitted.

4. The "Aiax" Cooperative Society may refuse entry to those who:

• appear in a clear state of alteration;

• demonstrate aggressive behavior;

• do not have elegant clothing, suitable for the decorum of the theatre;

• do not allow bags and rucksacks to be checked upon request by surveillance personnel.


V. Security Controls and Limitations

For security reasons, the Staff in charge of the Hall Service is authorized to request inspections and not allow entry with prohibited objects inside the Amphitheater. Custody is not guaranteed.

1. It is forbidden to introduce bottles, glass objects and any other blunt object that could cause harm to oneself or others (such as knives, scissors, helmets).

2. It is forbidden to introduce bags, backpacks, bags or other bulky containers.

3. Bringing food or drink into the Theater is not permitted.

4. It is forbidden to photograph the show with or without a flash and to carry out any type of audio/video recording without authorization.

5. No pets are allowed, with the exception of registered guide dogs.


YOU. Services

For any need, contact the personnel in charge of the dining room service. Official merchandising from the "Aiax" Cooperative Society on sale at the ticket office and/or in the hall. The following services for the public may be present inside the Amphitheater:

• Catering and Bar;

• Pillow rental;

• Sale of booklets, theater programs and official merchandising of the Sicilia, Arte, Cultura Association;

• There is no cloakroom service. VII. Lost/found items Items found can be handed over directly to the Waiting Room Service Staff. For lost items: information to the Hall Service personnel and/or at the ticket office on performance days, from 7.00 pm to the start of the show. In the case of the last recital, call +39 345 1874582 or send an e-mail:

Objects not claimed by the end of the Festival will be handed over to the Lost and Found Office of the Municipality where the object was found.


VIII. Rules of conduct within the theatre

The public is invited to respect the monument, to occupy only the assigned place and to maintain correct behavior during the execution of the show. The Management may let those who behave inappropriately during the performance leave the theatre, without any right to reimbursement.

1. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the Amphitheater.

2. Cell phones must be deactivated before the start of the show.

3. It is forbidden to photograph the show with or without a flash and to carry out any type of audio/video recording without authorization.

4. Climbing and vaulting over fences, barriers and building structures is strictly prohibited.

5. It is forbidden to stand near passageways, access and exit routes, exits and entrances, stairs and any other escape route. In the stalls and numbered steps:

• Elegant clothing is required, appropriate to the decorum of the theatre.

• Drinks are allowed only during breaks and in the Bar areas set up inside the Amphitheater.


IX. Disabled public

1. The physically handicapped unable to access the steps can purchase steps tickets and access the stalls or seats reserved for them. The companion will have the right to purchase a ticket for the steps and will be accommodated, in the stalls if seats are available, alternatively, in the seats reserved for them or in any case in an area of the steps communicating with the stalls. For information, purchase and collection of the aforementioned reduced tickets, contact the Ticket Office Management only or call +39 3451874582

2. There are no architectural barriers that prevent access to the stalls for wheelchair users.

3. For any need for assistance, access, accompaniment and indication of reserved spaces and for information on services for the public, interested parties can contact the personnel assigned to the Hall Service.

X. Privacy Policy

1. the "Aiax" Cooperative Society ensures full compliance with the legislation on the protection of privacy (Legislative Decree 196/2003 and related regulations) for all personal data acquired in relations with the public (e.g.: issuing tickets names at a subsidized or free rate, management of some forms of payment);

2. The public of the Event may be the subject of any audio and video recordings made on the occasion of the Event.

3. More detailed information is available on the website;

4. The contact details provided at the time of purchase may be used by the "Aiax" Cooperative Society for communications relating to the purchased show, for sending courtesy communications and/or information material relating to particular offers, subscriptions, programming of shows. The interested party has the right to oppose the aforementioned treatment in terms of privacy at any time.

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