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March 1, 2023

Aiax Spettacoli. Teatro Antico di Taormina.
Tosca a Taormina. 19 Agosto 2023, Aiax Opera e Balletto

Giacomo Puccini's most epic and controversial work returns to the Ancient Theater of Taormina on August 19, 2023. Tickets are on sale on Ticketone from March 2, 2023. An original Aiax production.

August 19, 2023



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Mario Cavaradossi e Scarpia al Teatro Antico di Taormina. Aiax Opera

The most scandalous opera. This is how Puccini's masterpiece, written in 1900, could be defined. With almost a slight embarrassment, the author himself admitted its totally revolutionary scope. Blood, torture, forbidden passions, sadism and sanctimonious religiosity are intertwined in a narrative that some modern critics could compare to the films of Mel Gibson or Quentin Tarantino. A real "Pulp Opera" with Floria Tosca on the cover instead of Mia Wallace. 

Scarpia nella Tosca 19 Agosto 2023. Aiax Opera

Tickets for the single date of August 19 at the Teatro Antico are available on ticketone from 2 March. Other representations of this extraordinary composition have already been proposed in the past, such as for example by the Aldebaran association within the Taormina Opera Stars; this year, however, the brand new production is entrusted to Aiax spectacles which has ensured, since its foundation, an international artistic level of the highest level.
Maximum reserve still on the protagonists: “We have some nice surprises for the public. We don't want to reveal the names of the main singers because we are making a very accurate evaluation of the great professionals we have available. Certainly this year we will aim for an entirely Italian cast. We are the country of opera and it is right to favor our excellence”, the words of the artistic director Daniele Lombardo. The orchestra and choir are instead from the National Theater of Dnipro, continuing in the wake of the festival's collaboration with Ukraine, which began last year with "La Bohème".

Salvo Danilo Lombardo e Giuseppe Cannizzaro sbirri nella Tosca di Giacomo Puccini. Agosto 2018

On the stage of the Ancient Theater Rome of the 1800s will be staged in a synthetic, non-invasive form, capable of making one admire the ancient Roman beauties of the theater itself, in an alchemy between ancient and modern that can revive the magic of a walk between the ancient forum and Castel Sant'Angelo in our capital.
La Tosca remains the drama of the characters. Set in an impeccable aesthetic setting, it actually speaks to viewers of extremely intimate dramas, in which the dramatic dimension is only a pretext. Art, Religion and Passion. These three powers of human creation find themselves colliding in an incurable Mexican stalemate. In each of the three protagonists they mix and cause a total reversal of the social institutions in which they are embedded. The painter, the singer, the man of the institutions are only symbols to be demolished and turned upside down; Tosca is all of this. The pace is pressing, the absence of the prelude, the continuous escape of the protagonists, keep the viewer's breath in suspense until the final acme; interspersed only by three arias that are almost three hymns that suspend time to open the hearts of the characters to the public:  “Recondita armonia”,“Tre sbirri e una carrozza” and “Vissi d'Arte ”. 

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locandina Tosca. 19 Agosto 2023. Aiax Opera. Teatro Antico di Taormina
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